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If you've studied up on our cause and are looking to get involved, you've come to the right place! There are four ways that you can get involved! You can spread the word, donate, send material aid and participate in legislative campaigns!

Spreading the word is easy. Tell all of your friends and family about us and our cause! You can show them our website or make status updates on all your favorite social media sites. Appeal to the American in us all and in spreading the word you are helping us more than you know. We understand that the more people that know the more support we will have.
The Deported Veterans Support House is always in need of donations. We are an organization that relies completely upon the donations of others in order to be able to work. It is with your donations that we pay electricity, water, rent, travel expenses and food for the DVSH. If you are willing to help us with a donation please click the link below. We urge you to support us in our fight to return home to our families and our country.

Deported Veterans are allowed a 3 week stay. After the 3 weeks it is looked at week to week. Depending on the economic status each individual is then expected to help with water, gas and electricity according to theri ability.

To donate to our paypal account please send donations to

The DVSH also welcomes donations of items like canned goods, clothing, food, used or new shoes, furniture, blankets, hygiene products, etc. Donations may be dropped off at locations in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Tijuana.

Margarita Barajas
814 N Tajauta ,
Compton, CA 90220

Dermott Rodgers Chaplain
4343 Ohio st. #2 92104
San Diego Ca

If you want to help us with our legislative campaign check out this link:

We'd also like to introduce the US Nationality Resolution. To read the resolution please click this link:

Last and not least, we are always looking for volunteers. Because of the nature of the work right now, we still don't have a volunteer program designed. However if you have any talent, profession or ability that you believe could be of some use, please contact us to let us know you'd like to volunteer.
Buy Shirts

We are selling shirts in order to have another way to raise money. So if you are interested in purchasing a shirt please contact Yolanda Varona!
You can call her at (664)130-6144 or email her at